polwechsel 1

composition -- improvisation

compositions by rolf julius (berlin)

from »song books« (first performance in germany) -- ute wassermann (berlin): voice

»dancing with frogs« (world premiere) -- tape

»mikrostrukturelle musik (für cello)« [microstructural music (for cello)] (world premiere) -- michael moser (vienna): cello
julius-songbook1-pv.jpg julius-songbook2-pv.jpg

rolf julius: song books -- inkjet prints on japanese handmade paper

rolf julius: image -- sound -- silence -- water -- line -- thing -- object -- colour -- area -- pitch -- calm -- buzzer -- field -- space -- red -- paper -- black -- dot

ute wassermann: voice -- all registers -- multiphonics -- articulative sequences -- catalogue of vocal timbres -- spatial resonance phenomena

michael moser: composition/improvisation -- bow -- string -- sound -- bows -- strings -- sounds

------- pause ---------

improvisations by polwechsel (vienna/london/berlin)

polwechsel: concept -- improvisation -- composition -- reduction -- sounding -- timbre/colour


new line up: john butcher (saxophone) -- werner dafeldecker (double bass, electronics) -- michael moser (cello, electronics) -- martin brandlmayr (percussion) -- burkhard beins (percussion)

after this first set of improvisations the new polwechsel line up will stay until may 13 in the at podewils palais rehearsal space to complete a full concert programme. this will include new compositions by werner dafeldecker and michael moser, to be presented at a second show.
afterwards polwechsel will record the new material to produce the first CD with the new line up in cooperation with tesla.
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