tesla 1

sparks (1998-2005): experimental documentary
5 capsules -- modular series -- to be seen independently, in clusters of two or three, or all together www.aelab.com/sparks

inspiration: nikola tesla -- visionary inventor -- 1856-1943 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla

documentary facts -- experimental genre -- shifting perspectives -- interviews -- autobiographical texts -- animations -- archival sources -- metaphorical interpretations -- original sound design

s8p antennas, transmission at Mutek (2000) / photo: jacques perron

s8p antennas, transmission v.3:
multichannel audio and video performative essay -- variable duration -- two capsules
s1 Tesla and his time: life work -- prodigious personality
s8 Wardenclyffe: laboratory in Long Island, N.Y. -- since 1901 the basis for tesla’s world broadcasting system

-- physiological response to the the electromagnetic medium --

interviews with:
jeffrey stanley (screenwriter, new york) www.teslasletters.com/stanley
velimir abramovic (philosopher, belgrade) www.scienceoftime.org

with the collaboration of:
nikola tesla museum (belgrade) www.tesla-museum.org
museum of science and technology (belgrade)

produced with the assistance of:
canada council for the arts www.canadacouncil.ca
conseil des arts et des lettres du québec www.calq.gouv.qc.ca

Ælab: research unit www.aelab.com
interest: ecological awareness in the use of technology, as echoed in the arts and sciences

stéphane claude (electronic musician, sound engineer),
gisèle trudel (media artist)
regular participation of other collaborators

initiated summer 1996
location: montréal

related websites :

recent manifestations:
karlsruhe, germany (ZKM, juli 2005) www.zkm.de
montréal, canada (musée d’art contemporain, 2003) www.macm.org
new york, usa (new museum of contemporay art, media lounge, 2001) www.newmuseum.org
rotterdam, netherlands (V2, DEAF_00, 2000) framework.v2.nl
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