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parochialkirche | thurs. 13. to thurs. 21. dec. | wed. to sat. | 6:00 - 10:00 pm

opening: wed. 12. dec. 2007 | 7:00 pm

die verkündigung (the annunciation)

videotryptich by chris kondek

inspired by medieval painting, the triptych presents a highly detailed microcosm that calls for active reading, not just observation.
a close look at the triptych reveals that each panel is not a simple image, but is rather comprised of many levels of videos that have been worked together. although the figures are static, they possess the hyper-real presence of early medieval paintings. the people in the background appear to be trapped in stochastic loops. the architecture whizzes from perspective to perspective. visual motives appear and disappear. each panel, although a part of the whole, oscillates in its own peculiar and unpredictable tempo.

''at a certain moment, in a situation like any other, average, someone, out of nowhere, comes at you, for you, he shakes you up, and he keeps saying he's got to give you a message. here is the message: ''you're going to be the place where it all happens, you're the blank screen where new connections are going to be made''. you are going to be given some responsibilities. you really want to say no, but you were never very good at saying no, and so you say yes.''

chris kondek