radiovision 01

kubus | fri. 05. & sat. 06. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

mario verandi: paranormal radio

2150: life consists of hedonistic and carefree days in search of pleasure and the next kick. cultural and intellectual activities are rare, politics and social issues fail to interest most people.

the entertainment industry determines the course of life for a primarily urban population. formats penetrate ever deeper into the minds of consumers, and messages are delivered with ever higher resolution to the last hidden corners. now, the most recent trend turns to a completely different subject: the newest hype is the psc, the paranormal signal catcher: the voices of the dead as music. with the psc, voices from the ether can be tracked down and transformed into acoustic signals. and signals from natural objects can be made audible - out of the unknown dimensions of trees, stones, or rivers, beyond all known frequencies.

the psc was brought onto the market primarily in cities, in the form of radio rooms, with independent listening areas with a mixture of nightclub and cabaret. consumers celebrate psc as new radio.

klub | sat. 06. oct. 2007 | 10:30 pm

radiovisionen nachtklub

frieder butzmann: frequenz nullnummernull - festvortrag vor, hinter und nach dem radio.

after 250 years of emitting electromagnetic waves, radio listeners face new radio-ethical questions: to remain in front of the radio, hide behind the radio, secretly open the radio and generate short circuits, put on faraday overalls, stick out the ears, over-sensitize the eyes until they become synthetic listening organs, close the ears, watch the radio all day, create multiple clones of radio moderators...

klub | tue. 09. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

radiovision 01 in discussion: mario verandi

mario verandi's concept reflects his wish to apply paranormal radio as a metaphor for the unique quality of radio: the acousmatic medium renders only the audible part of that which is visible. beyond that, it can also 'transmit' the invisible. given the ever-increasing visualization of our time, this quality could account for radio's perseverance in some form or other into the year 2150.

mario verandi was born in buenos aires in 1960. after studies in argentina and spain, he completed his phd in composition at the university of birmingham. he has received international prizes and honors for his compositions, installations, and radio works.
radiovision 02

kubus | fri. 12. & sat. 13. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

anna friz, emmanuel madan: the joy channel

the technique of transmitting emotions over radio frequencies was originally developed as a psychiatric home tele-treatment procedure for long-term depression patients. however, by 2147, corporate broadcasters are also exploiting the technology for its entertainment potential: joychannel®, muchragetm, sexx madd, and sosorry are just a few of the products on offer. naturally, the unlimited supply of intense and compelling emotions at the turn of a dial cause many listeners to become addicted--joychannel junkies. corporate emo-casting is not the only emotional content to be found on the radio spectrum by the mid-22nd century. another, more arcane and diffuse radiophonic practice has also been developing: radio-empathic communion. wandering in the post-cataclysmic silence of wasted urban and ex-urban spaces, small communities of tele-empaths have begun to form and to reach out to one another, developing the sensitivity to feel one another across greater and greater distances without the use of transmitters or receivers. their process is rudely interrupted when the corporate monopoly of joychannel® and its ilk go on the air live from coast to coast.

klub | sat. 13. oct. 2007 | 10:30 pm

radiovisionen nachtklub

elisabeth zimmermann: radioräume...

art works with spaces, in the narrowest and broadest sense: with their creation, use, and expansion; with emotional, partially inaccessible, for us inaudible or far-removed spaces; with practically immeasurable dimensions, requiring our imagination to qualify as spaces at all. how far can a trans-dimensional leap lead, and how does it feel?

a ddd+n tour through radio-generated art spaces.

klub | tues. 16. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

radiovision 02 in discussion: anna friz, emmanuel madan

tune into our ever-popular joychannel® for that little boost of bliss when you’re feeling low. do you need to feel remorse but just don't know how? the sosorry channel is for you. get your hi-zenith radio set today and 'dial in' to the raw power of human emotions, realer, truer, stronger than you’ve ever felt them before!' canadian radio and sound artists anna friz and emmanuel madan would be pleased to help.

anna friz produces radio programs, installations, and performances. her mostly self-reflexive work is broadcast by both state-sponsored public radio and independent stations throughout the world.

emmanuel madan is a musician, composer, and sound artist. he has been working with architect thomas mcintosh, aka [the user] since 1998. their projects include symphony for dot matrix printers and silophone.
radiovision 03

kubus | fri. 19. & sa. 20. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

c-base: die gnuten abend show at tesla berlin

the gnuten abend show uses novel psr technology (patasonic recovery) to take stock of radio history and its implications for society.
in a live presentation, a probe will leave the earth at high velocity. with its help, waves (both acoustic and radio waves) can be captured. the basic principle is that these can be archived by surpassing the speed of light.

data which is thus collected is woven into an entertainment program of the future-present and the past (of course, also from the present-past, which, depending upon the parallel metaversum, is also included in the future-past.)
the gnuten abend show reflects: 250 years of radio - how could it come to that? following the scenario which was already presented during the radiovisionen prologue, a replica of the gnuten abend show from 20.10.2447 will be presented as the evening continues.
because, a time capsule with relics from 250 years of radio was indeed found. four samples from this artifact will be presented: the one million neuro brain show (an amazingly popular format from the second half of the 21st century), the macbethsuite (a more recent materialist reconstruction), der start der rakete (the launch of the rocket - world premiere of this unique historical document!), and finally, a conglomerate from moments in the history of the resistance against intellectual property (working title). all of this in an anti-material gala with original, shady holograms and sparkling guests.

in cooperation with club der polnischen versager.

klub | sat. 20. oct. 2007 | 10:30 pm

radiovisionen nachtklub:

radioqualia: from polar radio to solar wind

radioqualia presents a sound performance with material from radio astronomy, an installation and radio station which broadcasts radio waves received from space. the performance will also feature very low frequency radio recordings of solar wind interacting with the earth's atmosphere, recorded in antarctica in january 2007.

klub | tues. 23. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

radiovision 03 im gespräch: c-base crew members

c-base is a not-for-profit organization in berlin, which is dedicated to research of the future and the spinning of visions. the group’s central theme and passion is the spread of knowledge about software, hardware, networks, and social and mathematical algorithms.
radiovision 04

kubus | fr. 26. & sa. 27. okt. 2007 | 20:30 h

bbm: mental radio a group experiment

mass hypnosis, brain control, remote control of the population, voice to skull transmission of inaudible messages: it sounds like conspiracy theory, like paranoid radio. yet, there is a solid scientific basis for such undertakings: mood management, behavioral control of people by people, is as old as the social system itself. thanks to nano-technology and pharmacology, the intervention now cuts to the fundamental elements of human life. during radiovisionen, visitors will be invited to join international experts in a group experiment in humanoid tele-control.

dr. margarete vöhringer, berlin center for literary research, is considered to be the leading specialist in the early russian attempts at mass hypnosis which took place in the psycho-neurology institute of pavlov's rival vladimir bechterev.

wladimir velminski (via streaming), hermann von helmholtz center for cultural technology in berlin, has thoroughly explored brain rays, suggestion, and their social ramifications.

prof. wolfgang pircher, philosopher at the university of vienna, spent decades in the field of cybernetics, researching all imaginable aspects of behavioral programming and examining the comprehensive term polizey.

grosser buttelmantini, 57 years old, male, berlin, runs the back room of the gallery knoth & krüger in kreuzberg as an alchemic research laboratory for friends of polymorphic beverages. he has developed the adskajaschara for the provis gmbh. this is a consciousness expanding drink that will reflect the thoughts of the speakers in the heads of the visitors, ''as long as the appropriate thoughts and suitable words are to be found in their spirits.''

dr. sabine flach, berlin center for literary research, examines art as science and is an expert on the thought experiments of hippolyte baraduc, who, in 1896, discovered so-called psycho-icons, methods of visualizing thought processes.

jörg sellerbeck, head of, has concerned himself for years with informed eating, behavioral control though food intake and edible chips, as well as nano-technology and endogenes design.

reiner schümer, manager of provis gmbh, bremen, will present the product selection of his company, which specializes in the production and distribution of so-called provocation and disturbance objects.

prof. alexander thiele, brain researcher at the school of psychology, newcastle university, england, department for visual neuroscience. beyond his academic area of expertise, which includes the use of brain machine interfaces, thiele is active at the intersection between science and art. in 1992, he participated in bbm's exhibition, wirklichkeitsmachinen (reality machines) with an artificially respirated rat lung.

the expert panel will be sonically punctuated by:

cameron bobro, santa barbara (usa)/maribor (si). he studied music, classical voice (basso profondo), worked for the us army as civil affairs specialist (1990, jfk special warfare center, nc) und was national finalist in the slovenian short fiction competition (postojna) in 2007. he will play theremin and russian synthesizer.

moderation: olaf arndt zsolt barat and janneke schönenbach, artists' group bbm

klub | sa. 27. okt. 2007 | 22:30 h

radiovisionen nachtklub

ken jebsen live

ken jebsen comes from the future, where his real name is citizen kane. in the year 6322 c.e., he won a time trip and decided on the period around the 21st century, since his own era stood just before the brink: tittytainment was considered to be the most effective tool to control the masses, and the collective conscience of the super-rich stood in negative reciprocity to the number of daily starving children in the world.

klub | tues. 30. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

radiovisionen in discussion 04: bbm

the observers of the users of machines strive to create artistic productions that offer well-founded criticism of technology and capitalism. the group is convinced that relevance is only possible though constantly renewed knowledge of the actual functioning contexts of this society.


foyer | sat. 06. to sat. 27. oct. 2007 | tues. to sat. 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

code 1723.97 - auf sburs skalnreitr

exhibition opening: fri. 05. oct. 2007 | 7:30 pm

brlin. msterys dscovry @ blding site. 1st seemd unik, furthr discovrys in paris, amstrdam, north pol, + graz sho playd vital rol 4 peepl n 20th c. hoo mayd objcts? wat 4? secrt netwrk of sittys? xtra terrestrial orientashn mechanism? fitnss 4 xtremitys?

xprts sho 1st resrch reslts.

a project by the master's students of exhibition and museum design 2006, fh joanneum, graz, austria

concept: marlies rahm, nicole troesch.