open studios
work-in-progress und projektpräsentationen in werkstatt-ausstellungen

tues. 24. oct. to sat. 18. nov. 2006 | tues. to sat. | 6:00 to 10:00 pm

studio 2

thom kubli [d]:

global contentifier

opening: tues. 24. oct. | 8:30 pm

thom kubli begins work at tesla on his new project global contentifier. in an open studio, he presents sculptural elements and drawings which convey the idea of the project. the work describes a kind of wish-machine for political matters of every kind, which is conceived as a sculpture for the urban sphere. the extension of the sculpture into software on the internet creates the possibility for a global intervention. after completing the max/msp programming, he begins an active test phase, with audience participation via website and telephone interface.

tues. 14. nov. to sat. 18. nov. 2006 | tues. to sat. | 6:00 to 10:00 pm

studio 1
studio 1

claudia märzendorfer:

frozen records II

'sleeves, covers, records are spread out on the floor, one person sits at the turntables -- not an unfamiliar scenario for an evening with a dj. what is unusual and casts a spell over everyone is that the records are made of ice. and just like their covers, they are now melting away, their form disintegrating slowly, the chance for a replay has evaporated.'
[claudia märzendorfer]

frozen records II is an open laboratory situation and a slowly developing installation of played ice records with trautonium sounds, in which the artist wishes to explore the tone quality of frozen water. refrigeration appliances, record players, molds and playback equipment are part of the acoustic-spatial production. sketches, photographs, and formulas on the walls offer deeper insight into the work.