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faraday's cage


performance / conzert / installation with the kammerensemble neue musik berlin

concept / leader: jörg laue
artistic collaboration: esther ernst
sound direction: hans-friedrich bormann
performer: nicolai reher, claudia splitt
musicians: kammerensemble neue musik berlin
technical direction: götz dihlmann
sound: mattef kuhlmey
management /pr: anke buckentin

fri. 01. -- sun. 03. -- wed. 06. -- thurs. 07. september 2006 -- 8:00 pm -- st. elisabethkirche, invalidenstraße 3 [berlin-mitte]

faraday's cage is LOSE COMBO's third section of a succession of projects after bloomsday [2004] and hertz' frequenzen [2005] that deal with the ghost stories of the media. the focus of faraday's cage is magnetism, a phenomenon that as the driving force, allows us to examine the history as well as the future of natural sciences. magnetism has not only been known about for thousands of years, employed already in the high cultures of egypt, greece and asia but is also closely linked with the history of audiovisual media. LOSE COMBO has reconstructed from copper mesh and wood the very cage in which micheal faraday accidentally discovered the phenomenon of the electro-magnetically insulated space in 1834. whilst this cage offers seven musicians a screened free space for a concert of john cage's time bracket composition seven and morton feldman's durations, the two performers, who present text material about magnetism in short anecdotal lectures, cannot enter the faraday cage as they are users of audiovisual media. through the inclusion of john cage's composition variations iv, that declares the ground plan of the performance location to be the structural performance matrix, karl friedrich schinkel's newly renovated st. elisabethkirche becomes a constitutive moment of the project.

faraday's cage is a LOSE COMBO production in collaboration with the kammerensemble neue musik berlin funded by the hauptstadtkulturfonds, and supported by the initiative neue musik berlin, the ernst von siemens musikstiftung and t e s l a. faraday's cage develops out of collaboration with the knm in der st. elisabethkirche berlin and the festspielhaus hellerau in co-production with the europäischen zentrum der künste dresden.

truckers and trackers

[> alien unmade] [among others] directed by: frauke havemann
a co-production of on air with tesla-berlin e.v.

on air draws from various examples of the science-fiction genre. the result is an absurd version, which is by no means limited by the boundaries of a single genre. in the crazy world of this alien unmade, constants become variables, dogs become cows, computers trade information for gossip, tracking systems are infiltrated. the realisation takes form in high resolution: images from the visual memory are stimulated, sounds bring whole film sets into being.

performances: 21. & ­23. + 28.­ & 30. sept. | 8:30 pm

venue: a u l a ateliergemeinschaft milchhof schwedterstraße 232 berlin -- mitte

at tesla in march 2007: truckers and trackers. take two