lynn pook & julien clauss [f]
réactions épidermiques

lynn pook sounds out the border between hearing and feeling together with the french sound artist julien clauss. in order to provoke the senses, two audio systems will be confronted with each other in this collaborative project: a tactile-audio mechanism with 14 channels transmits oscillations to the body of the spectator and one 8-channel audio system arranged in a circle creates the sound in the space.

lynn pook and julien clauss will develop sounds and micro compositions especially for this set-up during their project residency. the sound-loungers are populated with sensors that measure the movements of the lounger [seat and spectator]. these parameters guide the selection as well as the generation of sounds. the result is an exceptionally sensual music and sound experience

from fri. 19 may till sun. 18 june 2006 the artists work publicly in an open studio

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