in studio 2 as well as at other locations in podewils'sches palais exhibitions and installations are presented, free admission.

-- fri. 05. may to fri. 27. may 2006 -- tuesday to staturday -- 06:00 to 10:00 pm

opening: thurs. 04. may 6:00 pm


studio 1

members of the pruig project present, in an open studio, their artistic perspectives on social and political conditions in their countries of origin. eran sachs, ran slavin, inn [nikita tsymbal and natalia poloka] and zenial [lukasz szalankiewicz] illustrate, for example, in their audio visual or sound-based pieces, the diverse strategies with which media artists reveal and comment upon current transformations.

the project is supported by the institute for foreign relations

-- fri. 19. may to sun. 18. june 2006 --tuesday to saturday -- 6:00 to 10:00 pm --

opening: thurs. 18. may 2006 -- 8:30 pm

réactions épidermiques

lynn pook & julien clauss

studio 2

lynn pook works in various projects with the phenomenon of body sound waves. small loudspeakers, attached directly to the spectator's body or hidden in reclining chairs, vibrate through the frequency of the resonant space of the body. the senses of touch and hearing melt into one another. lynn pook, together with the french sound artist julien clauss, confronts two audio systems. one 14-channel tactile-audio mechanism transmits oscillations to the body of the spectator and one 8-channel audio system arranged in a circle creates the sound in the space.

sound-loungers await the spectator that enable sounds to be heard and felt through the entire body. these movements are registered by sensors and effect a composition generated in real time. ten loudspeakers inserted into the loungers make the composition tactile and audible through the body.


-- thurs. 20. april to sat 06. may 2006 -- tuesday -- saturday -- 6:00 -- 10:00 pm

edwin van der heide:

pneumatic sounds in progress

studio 2

for a number of years edwin van der heide has pursued the aim of liberating the generation of sound from the membranes and electromagnets of conventional loudspeaker systems. he works, amongst others things, with a direct system of air pressure loudspeakers. he is developing in an open studio the composition structure and the first prototypes of his new sound generator in preparation for his sound installation pneumatic sound field for tesla mit sonmabiente in june/july 2006 in the courtyard of the podewils'schen palace.