perceivable bodies

dance: emily fernandez, zufit simon
interactive systems: frieder weiss, diana wildschut, adam donovan, dan hosken
video-saxophone: diana wildschut
fri. 7. april 2006 and sat. 8. april 2006 -- 8.30 pm

perceivable bodies examines the relationship between the dancing body and its media transformation. the dance becomes an impulse for sound and video, the body the material of a creative process. embedded in an installation environment with brain-wave visualisation, video, dance and sound, the evening is distilled into three performance studies. the theme is the individual locked into a process-intensive situation -- 'flow' --, as defined by biological, social and media environments.

the main technical point is the application of environments, to create the media contents in what is called real-time. do the performers here control the media machine or on the contrary, is the movement governed by a technical logic? to what extent do the actors reveal their own mechanisticbehaviour patterns in the cybernetic environments?

in a two-month project residency in tesla, frieder weiss and his collaborators have developed different systems and choreographies, that examine how dance, technical interactivity and a biological image of mankind depend on one another.

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