060323StreetfootballDiadema.gif football performance

artistic direction: aloisio avaz

by and with aloisio avaz, rosiris garrido, manuel alfonso pérez torres and fernando andrade.

video artist: marc stephan

dramaturgy/text: carmen mehnert

technical manager, production: andreas harder

technical manager, tesla max stelzl

choreographic assistance: ilka rümke

production manager: axel lischke
thurs. 23. bis sat. 25. march 2006 -- 8:30 pm -- kubus
'during the football world cup i watched austria against cameroon. why? one team was from an exotic, foreign culture with wild rites and cameroon was on the other side!' [richard rogler]

in the second part of his football trilogy, aloisio avaz concentrates on the relationship between the archetypes and stylisation of so-called success stories on the one hand and the dreams, hopes and realities of young street footballers from the favelas of são paulo on the other. the spectator will be abducted into the different worlds of imagination, projection and the daily fight for self assertion; as much a brazilian world, shown through video images, as a 'real' world happening on stage. clichés from both cultures, brazilian and european, will be taken up, used and destroyed. it is about pride and self deception. beauty and body-culture lead to a choreography of the failed. what is real and what is invented? what is the original and what is the copy? will different stories be told or will those questions be dealt with that are posed worldwide? in the end is it just about a figure and their doppelgangers? a play of cultures arises in which the borders blur and slowly dissolve.

the project is supported by the senatsverwaltung für wissenschaft, forschung und kultur berlin.
with further support from the goethe institute, streetfootballworld, mais esporte and the city council of sao paulo, brazil.

entrance: 10.-/5.- euro

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