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sat. 18. march 2006 -- 8:30 pm -- kubus

the new york media centre harvestworks presents workspace projects 2005. a selection of video and sound productions that investigate the artistic possibilities of 5.1 surround technology. for almost 30 years, harvestworks has promoted the live exchange between practitioners from all disciplines and made the production of experimental music and video art possible. surround-sound 5.1 is the first digital multi-channel sound-system in which six tracks are recorded, saved and reproduced in a fixed arrangement. five high-frequency and one bass channels make it possible to reproduce a wide variety of different sounds and gives the listener the impression of being in the middle of the action. alongside the manipulation of spatial perception, surround-sound 5.1 is turned into an instrument in itself in the workspace projects.
surround sound audio works

--shelley hirsch: stop scratchin' that gash

on the basis of her own compositions and texts as well as a sound extract from simon ho's piece 'dust', shelley hirsch has created a sound installation for the 8-channel charlie morrow sound cube – collective memory made experiential.

--chris mann: the plato songs

early models of conversation - the cybernetics of plato's dialogues.

--michelle nagai: excerpt from moving off center

a sound collage of skidmore college - elevator and campus surroundings.

--dafna naphtali: weezer

a wave-shaped sound movement in space. 'weezer' is a 5.1 surround sound mix of a the live performance of the same name: 16 loudspeakers are played through a keyboard as if they were instruments.

--marina rosenfeld: cephissus landscape

a reference to the acoustic properties of the glass and marble architecture of the atrium of the winter garden in new york.

--hans tammen: balance of power

with lemur [league of musical urban robots] guitarbots as sound sources, hans tammen has composed a multi-channel piece using feedback loops and digital processing.

--stephen vitiello: in the high and highest places

sounds from the amazon area of brazil and new york are mixed into a multi-dimensional sound piece.

--david behrman: useful information

during the republican national convention in august 2004, a lawyer instructs demonstrators through a radio station, how to behave in the case of persecution or arrest by the police. useful information is a sound piece based on two sources: on the new york radio network wba and the recording of a sound performance by joan labarbara, peter zummo and hans tammen, who for their part have worked with this text material.

--matthew ostrowski: insomnia

a multi-channel piece, that was realised during a residency at the fundacion valparaiso in mojacar [spain] and first presented in 2003 in the diaparson gallery in new york.

--roger welch: round one

a series of boxing matches in madison square garden in new york. the quadraphonic piece is based on live recordings made with eight microphones distributed evenly around the ring. 'round one' was made in 1976 and has been remixed for harvestworks.

surround sound video works

josely carvalho: book of roofs

a web concept with sound, text and pictures that interactively opens virtual perspectives on 'shelter'.

--ursula scherrer & michael schumacher: london heathrow

an abstract portrait of london's heathrow airport.

--abigail child: blonde fur

the video work 'blonde fur' dissects the 'girl training' through the legacy of home videos and american post-war suburban culture.

--lovid: sunny nights

sunny nights was recorded during the lovid's last residency at harvestworks on the modular synthesizer 'kiss blink sync vessel'.

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