open studios zur transmediale

fri 03. feb to sun 05. feb. 2006 -- 6.00 to 11.00 pm --

as part of transmediale, all seven workshop doors are open for a weekend. visitors are invited to get an impression from the earliest artistic designs and to discuss the central questions and strategies of the projects. some of the productions will also be presented in tesla during the course of the year.


2/5bz sound and video installation

serhat köksal [tr]

-- studio 1 --

2/5 bz a.k.a. serhat köksal starts his one-month project residency at tesla with an open studio. the entry point to serhat köksal's new project electrosazoustic' is a video and sound installation in which his introduces his material and strategy: from the clichés of mass culture he collages together over-the-top cut up montages from traditional music, experimental electronic sounds, television and film stills.

the new project, elecrosazoustic is musically centred around the combination and confrontation of micro-tonal electronic sounds with the sounds of a saz (baglama) - a traditional turkish instrument, which is like a lute and also microtonal in itself. serhat köksal has broadened the scope of his saz and plays traditional motives as well as his own sounds.

video-wise, electrosazoustic draws on the cosmos of turkish cinema, mixed together with material from the news, documentaries, hollywood, bollywood and material shot by the artist. it is a dadaist world created from orientalism, pop, kitsch, comics and folklore.

phonethica: off the wall

takumi endo

-- studio 2 --

the large scale sound installation off the wall is based on a modification of a technology invented in 1877 by thomas alva edison for recording and playing back sounds. it is a part of the interdisciplinary media art project phonethica and offers a tactic for the discovery of the world through phonetics.

phonethica deals with human speech as sound expression and explores the diversity of the world using the grammar of sound art through the phonetic basis of language. in view of the fact that fifty to ninety percent of the roughly 7000 languages spoken worldwide will disappear within the next century, a self-reproducing multimedia database is to be made to take stock of these languages and make them available through a search engine.

the development of the installation off the wall started at the end of 2005 in berlin. for more than a month a prototype has been produced and tested in the open studio in tesla in the podewils'schen palais. the installation will be on display in 2006/7 in berlin, prague, tokyo, and hong kong.


lillevan [irl]
zeitblom [d]
christian fuchs [d]
jörg lammers [d]

-- studio 405 --

bioskop is a walk-in installation by the video artist lillevan, the composer zeitblom and the architects christian fuchs and jörg lammers [on architektur].
found elements from film and film music will be worked upon, collaged together and compressed into a metafilm in an unconventional cinema/room setup. the outcome is a film as absolute film.

bioskop deals with the basic formal elements of film and exposes the conventions of filmic composition, revealing them to the senses. lillevan works on film sequences and bundles them together under newly associated thematic modules. zeitblom's composition is orientated toward the montage and style principles of film images. themes and moods from films of different epochs will be isolated from their respective emotional effects. these will be contradicted and reconfigured without falling back on or quoting the respective film music. an artistic synthesis of structural and emotional aspects of the film production results.

bioskop can be experienced by the public in the open through plans for the architecture of the installation and examples of the image and sound setup. the artists will introduce their concept and discuss the questions arising from the working process itself.

bioskop has been supported by the hauptstadtkulturfonds.


sukandar kartadinata [d]

-- studio 408 --
060203open selundar.JPG

in studio 408, sukandar kartadinata produces and develops live electronic instruments and tools for the generation of electronic sound as part of his project glui. his concept is loosely based on those of steim [studio for electro-instrumental music, nl] and maintains their original ideals. glui has been resident in the podewils'schen palais since 2004 and offers new possibilities and experiences to artists and those interested in electronic music.

radio 1:1

reboot fm

-- studio 411 --

radio 1:1, the cultural events station, will open its newly furnished studio for interviews and talks in summer 2007. the possibilities of connecting internet, radio, place and event will be practically investigated as the follow-up project to the free cultural radio project

during the football world cup, radio 1:1 offers cultural producers the internet and radio as an addition to their normal venues: the large sporting event will broaden into another cultural area. the mediated format of the live transmission will be taken over - sport replaced by cultural content.

as though i didn't know

sam ashley [usa]

-- studio 412 --

sam ashley works on his new performance as though i didn't know already that the source of life is an absolute mystery. in this work two musicians [blue gene tyranny und sam ashley] will be in separate spaces in the podewils'schen palais making music together. a live video link offers the only material connection between the performers who are unable to hear each other. during the open studios sam ashley will be working on his songs for the performance and developing the video aesthetic together with cécile bruchier.

additionally his last piece, toward a premonition of an unburdened self is on view: an unstable network of ghost detectors react to the presence of visitors with unpredictable changes in sound.

perceivable bodies

frieder weiss [d]

-- studio 414 --

during his two month project residency at tesla, frieder weiss develops a new dance performance with emily fernandez. perceivable bodies is a series of installations and dance performances that investigate the body-image and altered perception in this digital age.

as a prelude to the project residency, frieder weiss shows the interactive video installation me myself and i as part of the open studio.

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