art's birthday / trans dada express

-- kubus -- tues 17. jan. 2006 -- 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm --

on 17th january 1963, art was a million years old - at least that's what the
fluxus artist robert filliou claimed. this proclamation has been celebrated
around the world ever since. until 1000043. art's birthday networks the ars
acustica group of the european broadcasting union with many sound artists
and radio stations via satellite to make an international birthday party.
the centrepiece is something congenial: dadaism is celebrating it's 90th and bestows the event it's motto, trans dada express.

-- 8.00 pm --


deutschlandradio kultur complements the proceedings with the performance dadayama by tetsuo furudate and georg klein. the japanese noise-musician and the german composer and sound artist chase dada phantasms between europe and the far east. in a concert setup, they confront five voice performers speaking texts by walter mehring, raoul hausmann, tomoyoshi murayama, takahashi shinkichi et al.

composition and live electronics: tetsuo furudate & georg klein
vocal performance: miho iwata, die maulwerker (michael hirsch, ariane
jeßulat, christian kesten, steffi weismann)
artistic direction: marcus gammel
editor: götz naleppa

a deutschlandradio kultur event with tesla in the podewils'schen palais and the ultraschall festival

-- 10:00 pm --

rrröstfrisch. phonetic concert for raoul hausmann

'berlin in the 20s: despite the confusion of the post-war period, the city became the arena of the avant-garde. quote from the neighbourhood: 'at times of strongest emotion, all words shatter!' hausmann counters: 'you can't write poems like the people'. and what about dada? dada is there and not there. the pho-ne-tic po-et-ry was invented in the spirit of dada and russian futurism. valeri scherstjanoi marches through the thicket of pho-ne-tic fine arts; with original articles and extracts from the work of raoul hausmann, alexej krutschonych, carlfriedrich claus and his own phonetic texts.'

composition and voice: valeri scherstjanoi
artistic direction: andreas hagelüken

a radiotesla presentation

live broadcast: 'konzert im deutschlandradio', 8:00 -- 10:30 pm
programme: 'klangkunst', deutschlandradio kultur, 27 jan, 12:05 -- 01:00 am

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