the society of the spectacle
by guy debord

direction: stefan maria brettschneider
sat 14. jan. 2006 -- 8.30 pm -- kubus --

'the whole of life [...] appears as a tremendous accumulation of spectacle. everything that is experienced directly has evaporated into a performance.'
[guy debord]

using the society of the spectacle, one the most influential texts of the 20 century, stefan maria brettschneider asks after its utopian potential. he makes his theatre performance an experimental arrangement, which aims at a spectacle without spectacle.

the society of the spectacle, [la société du spectacle] is the great work of the french artist and philosphers guy debord. the book, published in 1967, consists of a radical denunciation of modern industrial society, capitalism, socialist bureaucracy and the all determining form of commodity. the text, influenced by the situationists had a great influence on the french student movement of 1968 later attained cult status in the art world and subculture, and is read today as a work of media theory and politics.

brettschneider sees the theatre as a place in which to bring the spectators into situations that make an experience, outside of the consumption of already made performances and superficial surface, possible. the consequence of this means, for example, the renouncement of narrative structures and recognisable signs. this work also has at its centre a confidence in the stage as place of unmediated action and existence. a unique situationist analysis of the debordian text.

entrance 10/ 5 euro.

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