new canadian video works:

tue 29. nov. to sat 03. dec. 2005
6:00 -- 12:00 pm

a selection by minute [nicole gingras/eric mattson] of recent quebec videos by artists nomig. and nelly-ève rajotte.

moving between stasis and motion, these video paintings offer the viewer a kaleidoscope of visual and aural perceptions, a meditation on time and space through three distinct perspectives.

nelly-ève rajotte, 2003, 3 min, colour, no dialogue
distribution: perte de signal

formal variations of winter landscapes bathed in blue-tinged light. Resonating with these "paintings" or graphic compositions is a soundtrack composed by the video artist herself.

pdx 01
nomig., 2003, 7 min 53 s, colour, no dialogue
distribution: nomig.

a journey into diverse spaces and their respective acoustic worlds; a series of moving landscapes, imaginary territories and abstract surfaces.

nelly-ève rajotte, 2004, 4 min 42 s, colour, no dialogue
distribution: perte de signal

the video artist creates a space that is impossible to identify, inundated with white light and adorned with graphic elements of abstract writing. the soundtrack is inspired by the work of composer györgy ligeti.
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