concert with

thomas ankersmit [berlin] saxophone, synthesizer
gert-jan prins [amsterdam] fm modulation
giuseppe ielasi [milano] guitar, electronics

talpidae for soloinstruments and other sounds
[workshop/performance with roland ross]

kubus -- fri 25. nov. 2005 -- 8:30 pm

the concert of plans marks the world premier of the trio. gert-jan prins, giuseppe ielasi and thomas ankersmit combine conventional instruments (guitar, saxophone) with analogue, digital and custom-built electronics to make improvised electroacoustic music. the three musicians work different with the resonances and sonic properties of their instruments. constructed out of electromagnetic disturbances, swarms of tiny metallic particles and amplified microscopic sound events the music is both, fractured and intense, violent and precise.

during entrance of the audience roland roos performs together with thomas ankersmit playing his saxophone. fragments of the sound are processed by the rolywholyover-objects. the sound of the arriving spectators become part of the composition.

gert-jan prins makes electronic music that is both raw and precise using a custom-built network of radio transmitters and receivers. his ars electronica-awarded composition "risk" was recently released by mego, and he has also recorded for erstwhile records and grob and is part of the pan-european electronic orchestra mimeo.

giuseppe ielasi's approach to the guitar treats the instrument as an encountered object, his main preoccupation has been the development of a new role for the instrument, a change of perception, using the instrument as a receiver for various signals and treatments, cutting and splicing sound in real time. he leads the highly regarded fringes label, and has recorded for häpna, erstwhile and sonoris.

ankersmit focusses on the extremes of the saxophone's sonic territory, the piercing hiss of escaping air, the resonance of metals placed inside the instrument, the combination of multiple closely related tones grinding against each other. ankersmit collaborates with artists such phill niblock, borbetomagus, jim o'rourke and kevin drumm.

see also:rolywholyover-workshop@tesla
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