sam ashley:

toward a premonition of an unburdened self
(using a ghost detector to read auras)

-- tuesday to saturday -- 6:00 - 11:00 pm
11. nov. to 26. nov. 2005 -- studio 2

sam ashley implements the installation version of "toward a premonition of an unburdened self". by connecting several "ghost detectors" together into a non-deterministic network he creates an environment that is responsive to the "auras" of the people who visit.

a ghost detector is a musical instrument that is built by "hacking" any electronic circuit that generates sound (for example a portable radio). random lengths of wire are connected to randomly chosen places on its circuit board. when several devices are wired together they become one single electronic circuit. the wires respond to radiation and the circuit is affected in unpredictable ways; the results are translated into sound. such a network of devices is a "sythesizer" -- except that the sound it produces can't be determined. it is an extremely unstable system, in which very small influences can result in large changes in the sound. adding similarly destabilized fm transmitters, ashley transforms the installation space into a chaotically sensitive energy field. the audience is invited to walk around in this environment, listening for subtle effects.

"there's every reason to consider the possibility that any sufficiently destabilized, sensitized device, hacked in this way, might respond to influences other than merely electromagnetic radiation. after all, any thing that is 'vulnerable' is responsive to the influences of byproducts of the process by which a 'self' is created, and other such subtleties. ghosts are in this category." (sam ashley)
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