videoworks: cityscapes
hc gilje

04.10.2005 - 08.10.2005 -- foyer

cityscapes is a collection of four videos with urban related themes, which will be released as a dvd on paris-label lowave in october 2005.

h.k.mark1 (5 min, 1998)

"a kaleidoscopic visual journey through the dense urban landscape of hong kong, in which the artist uses a variety of layering and image manipulation techniques to achieve a graphic visual quality with references to the tradition of oriental art.''
from the magnetic north catalogue

crossings (4 min, 2002)

this video was created live during the tour with the video-impro-trio 242.pilots february 2002. It is based on the principle of taking just a small part of each video frame and building layers of these fragments on top of each other, the resulting image is a collage of different timefragments.

shiva (8 min, 2003)

"shiva" is based on improvised material from audiovisual performances with BLIND (with audio collaborator kelly davis) in prague and nagoya.

night for day (30 min, 2004)

"night for day", a collaboration with the noise duo jazzkammer, is a half hour audiovisual composition in 13 parts. it is based on material shot and recorded in tokyo, which through intense hours of improvisation and meticulous editing has been developed into something which can be described as expressionistic impressions from an urban reality, 13 audiovisual poems assembled into a surreal whole.
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